Overview of Benchmark and LEP Requirements

  • Neuroscience students must complete specific benchmark courses for two benchmark reviews.
  • LEP gateway courses are the benchmark courses for the first benchmark review (45 credit review). Additional courses are needed for the second benchmark review (75 credit review).
  • Benchmark courses must be passed with a C- or better.
  • Students must maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA (LEP requirement).
  • Students may repeat only one gateway course (details on lep.umd.edu).
  • Failure to meet benchmark and/or LEP requirements will lead to dismissal from the major.

Benchmark Courses and Review Terms

Direct admit freshmen: Complete by 3rd semester in major
Transfer students: Complete before entry into major

  • MATH135 or 140
  • BSCI160&161 (formerly BSCI106)
  • BSCI 170&171 (formerly BSCI105)
  • CHEM131&132
  • CHEM231&232

Direct admit freshmen: Complete by 5th semester in major
Transfer students: Complete by 2nd semester in major

  • NEUR200
  • PSYC100
  • CHEM241&242
  • Supporting MATH course (MATH135&136 or MATH140&135 or MATH140&141)
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