The Neuroscience (NEUR) major is a Limited Enrollment Program (LEP). Students interested in NEUR apply to the University of Maryland (UMD) through the general application for admission to the University by indicating NEUR as their major of interest. Students are first reviewed for admission to the University, and then, if admitted, are reviewed for admission to the NEUR major by faculty and staff throughout the University. We encourage you to speak with applymaryland [at] (UMD Undergraduate Admissions) should you have further questions regarding the admissions process.

All students accepted directly as a freshman into the NEUR major will be subject to an academic review in order to remain in the major. Please refer to our Benchmarks and LEP Requirements for additional information. 

Prospective NEUR students not directly admitted into the major as a first-time freshman will be assigned to Letters and Sciences. Students in Letters and Sciences wishing to major in an LEP will apply as internal transfer students.

Interested in exploring more about the Neuroscience major? Learn more about advising for prospective freshman students.

The University employs a holistic review as part of the admissions process. We are interested in seeing the following on your application:

  • A variety of STEM coursework on your application. If advanced STEM courses are available at your high school, it is a good idea to take them as they can satisfy NEUR gateway course requirements.
  • Interest in neuroscience, psychology, and/or biology outside of your school work. This can demonstrated through clubs, personal projects, research, internships, books you've read, or other personal interests.
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