Neuroscience requires at least one mandatory advising appointment each semester.

In order to have your mandatory advising block lifted for course registration, you must:

  1. Attend a mandatory advising appointment with your assigned academic advisor
  2. Provide an updated graduation plan, which must be approved by your advisor.

Your advisor may require that you revise and resubmit your graduation plan and/or attend additional advising appointment(s). CMNS Peer Mentors are available to help you develop your Neuroscience major graduation plan, discuss course content, and assist with course scheduling and registration.

Outside of the mandatory advising requirement, you are welcome to schedule additional (non-mandatory) appointments with your assigned advisor for any reason and/or utilize drop-in advising for quick general questions.

Current Neuroscience students may schedule an appointment with their assigned advisor by using the Schedule Now button. You will be asked to log in with your UMD directory ID and password.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Incoming NEUR freshmen and external transfers will be assigned an academic advisor after the schedule adjustment period. Notification will be sent via email. Please make sure your email on record is updated.

If you have forgotten your assigned advisor, please email neuradvising [at]

You will be contacted by your assigned academic advisor after the schedule adjustment period. This email will contain instructions on how to schedule your mandatory advising appointment. Your advisor will suggest a period in the semester based on your Total Cumulative Credits to schedule your appointment.

If you arrive late to your advising session (10 or more minutes) you may be asked to reschedule your appointment. It is recommended that you contact your assigned advisor via email at your earliest convenience. As a reminder: students cannot register for courses without completing their mandatory advising requirement.

If you miss your advising session, reschedule your appointment at your earliest convenience. It is recommended that you also contact your assigned advisor via email.

Your assigned academic advisor will remain the same each semester. However, we recognize that students sometimes may need, or want, to change their advisor. If you would like to change your assigned academic advisor, please email hilaryb [at] with your full name and 9-digit UID.

Please keep in mind that this switch request is not to be utilized for scheduling purposes. We ask that you contact your advisor directly if you are unable to schedule an advising session during their availability.


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