View of the front exterior of the Biology - Psychology Building, as seen through tree foliage.


The undergraduate major in Neuroscience exposes students to rigorous training in the interdisciplinary study of brain and behavior.

Hilary, Imani, Keesha and Vicki pictured together at the CMNS Awards Ceremony


The Neuroscience major consists of the Director of the Undergraduate Program, 4 Course Directors, an Assistant Professor, 2 Academic Advisors, and our Coordinator. As an interdisciplinary major, we have affiliate faculty across several University departments.

View of sunset and dusk overlooking Hornbake Plaza, from the roof of Hornbake Library.


The Neuroscience Major Advising Office is located in Suite 1107 of the Biology-Psychology Building. During the Spring 2022 semester, all advising services are available virtually and in-person during regular business hours.

Two people speaking to an individual laying in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine.

Neuroscience on Campus

While the Undergraduate Neuroscience Major opened in Fall 2020, neuroscience as a discipline has been taught and studied at the University of Maryland for several decades. Please browse through the links below to learn more about neuroscience on campus.