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The Neuroscience major prepares students for a broad range of career paths including: scientific research, medicine, clinical psychology, allied health professions, or science-related government, nonprofit, or private sector employment.

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Whether you are learning about the science as a participant, assisting faculty and graduate students with their work, or developing your own projects, the experience will strengthen the analytical thinking skills that are in high demand.

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The Neuroscience (NEUR) Honors Program is a non-competitive research-based honors program with an emphasis on the scientific process (research proposal, experimentation, and thesis defense) and communication skills (presentations, result dis

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The Neuroscience Program currently does not offer any scholarships for incoming or current neuroscience majors. However, students can take advantage of scholarships offered by BSOS and CMNS colleges dependent on their declared track.

NEUR Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Neuroscience Student Ambassadors serve as the faces and voices of the Neuroscience student body and assist in the continuing development of our undergraduate program.