The Neuroscience (NEUR) Honors Program is a non-competitive research-based honors program with an emphasis on the scientific process (research proposal, experimentation, and thesis defense) and communication skills (presentations, result discussions, and writing). It allows high achieving students to collaborate directly with a faculty member to complete an original research project. 

NEUR honors requires at least three semesters of mentored thesis research, culminating in a written thesis report and defense presentation. Successful program participants are awarded an honors designation at graduation (B.S. degree “with honors”).

NEUR honors students will learn to:

  • clearly convey their research projects, both in oral presentations and writing
  • demonstrate proficiency in literature review and presentation
  • critically evaluate scientific results, effectively communicate ideas and provide constructive feedback
  • show technical proficiency at experimental methods applicable to their project
  • show proficiency in defending their thesis and answering questions in a professional manner
Spring 2023 Honors Program Group