Undergraduate Major in Neuroscience

The undergraduate major in Neuroscience is jointly offered by the Department of Biology in the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences and the Department of Psychology in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences.

The Neuroscience major exposes students to rigorous training in the interdisciplinary study of brain and behavior. Students complete a required set of Neuroscience (NEUR) courses as well as a supporting sequence of coursework in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology. Students then choose an advanced program track of upper-level coursework in (a) molecular, cellular, and physiological neuroscience or (b) behavioral and cognitive neuroscience. Students completing the major will earn a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience.

The Neuroscience major prepares students for a broad range of career paths including: scientific research, medicine, clinical psychology, allied health professions, or science-related government, nonprofit, or private sector employment. 

View of the front exterior of the Biology - Psychology Building, as seen through tree foliage.