Congratulations to NEUR major (‘24) Nathan Boyle for co-authoring the following paper based on his work at the Johns Hopkins Center for OCD, Anxiety, & Related Disorders for Children (COACH). 

Ramsey, K. A., Essoe, J. K.-Y., Boyle, N., Patrick, A. K., & McGuire, J. F. (2023). Immersive Virtual Reality Exposures for the Treatment of Childhood Anxiety. Child Psychiatry & Human Development.

Nathan’s interest in neuropsychiatry and neurological disorders led him to working as a research assistant at COACH, where he has been since Fall 2020. As a research assistant, he was responsible for processing and analyzing data used in the paper using MATLAB. 

The study investigates the possibility of utilizing virtual reality (VR) as a part of exposure-based cognitive behavioral therapy for patients with specific phobias. The paper provides novel evidence that VR is an effective and feasible method for delivering evidence-based CBT.


Congrats to Nathan on his first co-authored peer-reviewed paper!


Nathan Boyle