On October 23-24, two dozen Neuroscience students, faculty and staff traveled to Artechouse in Washington, D.C. to experience the Life as a Neuron exhibit. Artechouse’s mission is to inspire and educate the community using collaborative and exploratory techniques:

Life of a Neuron brings artists and scientists together for a groundbreaking collaboration to explore how the brain shapes the shared human experience. Through collaboration with the Society for Neuroscience and the world’s leading scientists and creatives, this immersive exhibit will allow us to experience a neuron—from pre-birth to death—providing an experiential view of life at a cellular level.”  --Artechouse

Students viewed and interacted with art exhibits that explored such concepts as stress, neural connectivity, addiction and visual processing. Being with faculty and staff enriched the experience for students and provided a wonderful opportunity to meet new people in the Neuroscience community. NEUR Student Ambassadors organized and led the travel from College Park to DC via metro. 

Life as a Neuron runs through November 28, 2021. 





NEUR students at Life as a Neuron