For the Fall 2021 Semester, the Neuroscience Advising Team is welcoming the inaugural class of Neuroscience Student Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors are  the faces and voices of the Neuroscience student body and assist in the continuing  development of our undergraduate program.

Ambassadors will have the opportunity to participate in recruitment initiatives, host and plan community building and professional development events, and lead our social media initiatives. They will also meet frequently with our Director of Undergraduate Programs as an advisory board to share any feedback collected from the NEUR student body.

Our 2021-2022 NEUR ambassadors include a group of 11 students with varying interests and experiences, but one common goal: to grow and improve the Neuroscience Major at the University of Maryland.

  • Elena Tozzi
  • Sasha Baghdadi 
  • Shari Nudelman
  • Joyce Milandu
  • Amanda Ramada
  • Rakshita Balaji
  • Kasra Kaviani
  • Ashwin Kasiviswanathan
  • Haley Suh
  • Julie Cooper
  • Nour Oubenali

Our ambassadors are also able to meet with current and prospective students 1:1 to answer any questions or offer support. If you’d like to connect with a Neuroscience student ambassador, please request a meeting here.

Pictured:  Neuroscience Ambassadors at the First Annual Neuroscience Fall Welcome
Left to Right: Elena Tozzi, Kasra Kaviani, Nour Oubenali, Joyce Milandu, and Rakshita Balaji


NEUR Ambassador- Fall Welcome