"Are you interested in understanding “the most complex object in the universe”? 
The Future of the Brain provides an overview of the current state of brain research, with a focus on the advances made through worldwide initiatives such as the BRAIN Initiative, the Human Brain Project, and the Human Connectome Project. Topics to be covered include the industrialization of modern neuroscience approach with big data, teamwork and open science; the comprehensive mapping of neuronal networks; next-generation neurotechnologies combining genetic toolkits, large-scale recording and virtual reality to crack the brain function; using brain organoids to study human neurobiology at the interface of in vitro and in vivo. Students will also be engaging in discussing current literature and develop an independent focus review paper on an area of recent advances in neuroscience.

Instructor: Dr. Chan Lin

Location: Online

Pre-Requisites: BSCI330 or NEUR200

BSCI339 Flyer