Track: Molecular, Cellular, and Physiological 
Graduation Year: Spring 2022
Hometown: Lutherville, MD

Meet Kasra! Kasra is a transfer student from the Community College of Baltimore County. He decided to pursue the neuroscience major at the University of Maryland because he is fascinated by how the brain is impacted physically by our everyday experiences in life. Kasra is grateful for the opportunity to learn about the mechanisms and inner workings of the mind. He describes himself as a visually driven person, and trying to comprehend the process that gives rise to thoughts and actions has been one of the most exciting experiences for him.

In 2019, he interned at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in a neuroscience lab mentored by Dr. Fernando Vonhoff. The lab focused on identifying stimulants that alter fruit flies’ perception toward the smell of ethanol and the neurological mechanisms causing the alterations in the behavior. Currently, he is a research assistant at the International Neurorehabilitation Institute where they focus on Multiple Sclerosis and how long-term treatment could potentially regenerate myelin. During this time, he is focusing on researching the effects of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines on the MS population, especially patients undergoing immunosuppressive therapies. Kasra also spends his weekends volunteering as a blood donor ambassador at Red Cross Maryland.

Some fun facts about Kasra: Even though he calls Maryland home now, he moved to the US from Iran at the age of 14! Plus from 2016-2018, he was an assistant producer and creator of ASTER, an animated television show that aired on BCPS-TV for two seasons. Kasra still does illustrations from time to time, check out his work here.

If you'd like to hear more about Kasra's experiences, please contact him at kas.kaviani [at]