Requirements for Completion of the Honors Program:

  • Register for a total of at least 9 honors research credits (NEUR379H/479H) with their mentor and conduct proposed honors thesis research for at least 3 semesters.
    •  6-9 averaged hours/week
  • Register for honors seminar (NEUR398H) each semester, and fulfill each semester’s requirements.
  • Submit thesis proposal at the start of 2nd semester (see Guidelines for NEUR Honors Research Proposal)
  • Submit a research progress report at the end of each semester
    • Progress report should include: 1. a review of experimental plans proposed from the previous semester; 2. a summary of what has worked and what has not; 3. plans for the next semester
  • Establish a thesis committee of 3 faculty (the semester before defense)
    • Committee will be composed of the mentor and two other faculty members (open to all ranks).
    • A mentor can be tenure track (TTK) or professional track (PTK–but not post-docs). Post-docs can be co-mentors.
    • Mentors must be able to provide all materials and support for the student to complete their projects.
  • Complete honors thesis with thesis defense presentation 
    • The written document must be submitted at least two weeks before the date of thesis defense to research mentor and one week before to thesis committee
    • Defend by the last day of class of the last semester
  • Be actively involved in leadership or volunteerism in the NEUR program 
    • Present at NEUR showcase day
    • Assist with program open house and recruitment or tutoring.
Additional Requirement for High Honors:
  • GPA of at least 3.75
  • Complete an honors thesis of exceptionally high quality as determined by the thesis committee
Student presenting to an audience
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